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Vitamin C Therapy - Selectively Targeting Cancer Cells

Oasis of Hope

Located in Tijuana, Oasis of Hope Hospital employs a diversity of traditional and alternative approaches to cancer treatment, from nutraceuticals to Vitamin C therapy. With the latter approach, physicians at Oasis of Hope take advantage vitamin C’s antioxidant properties by circulating large concentrations within highly oxygenated blood.

The oxidation approach works because healthy cells contain catalase, an enzyme that neutralizes the effects of oxidation. Thus, healthy cells are able to withstand an event that kills cancer cells, which do not possess catalase and are vulnerable to vitamin C. Therefore, the oxidative capacities contained in vitamin C allow it to kill only malignant cells.
The selective nature of this approach makes it a compelling alternative to conventional therapies that have serious collateral in that they kill both healthy and cancerous cells. Procedures such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation do not discriminate between healthy and diseased tissue, and have serious side effects, from DNA alteration to liver damage.

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