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Cancer Aid and Research Fund Support Research Efforts by Oasis of Hope

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Based in Tijuana, Mexico, Oasis of Hope has assembled some of the world’s leading oncologists and other professionals who work together so that over 100,000 cancer patients in 60 countries receive a combination of conventional and alternative treatment plans. Deeply involved in research efforts to find a cure for cancer for the last 50 years, Oasis of Hope’s Research Center/Contreras Cancer Fund is one of the major programs supported by the Cancer Aid and Research Fund.

Cancer Aid Research Fund is a non-profit organization that provides research grants, medical supplies and equipment, and humanitarian aid to hospitals and clinics worldwide that treat cancer and other degenerative diseases. It also helps institutions at the forefront of the fight against cancer. One of these institutions is the Oasis of Hope.

Larry MacKay, the founder and president of Cancer Aid and Research Fund, was a personal witness to the pressing need for a cancer cure. His best friend, Ray Branscom, was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. MacKay arrived in Mexico and found Oasis of Hope in his search for cancer treatment programs that use alternative and integrative therapies. However, it was already too late for Branscom who was not able to make it to treatment at Oasis of Hope.

This tragedy led MacKay to establish the Cancer Aid and Research Fund. He desired to educate people about cancer and introduce alternative and integrative cancer therapies instead of traditional medicine. MacKay chose Oasis of Hope as the Cancer Aid and Research Fund’s primary support program.