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Healthy Long Life on Amazon Prime Video

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A Tijuana, Mexico-based healthcare facility specializing in cancer treatment, Oasis of Hope utilizes an integrative medicine methodology that simultaneously addresses patients’ physical, psychological, and emotional health. To reach a wider audience, Oasis of Hope personnel appeared in the documentary series Healthy Long Life (HLL), directed by the hospital’s CEO, Daniel Kennedy.

Kennedy played an active role in HLL’s development. He not only researched well-known locations where residents lived beyond 100 years old, like Japan, but less well-known ones too. He met individuals from diverse cultures, religious backgrounds, and healing traditions during his journey. They implemented complementary and alternative medicinal practices in their own lives or recommended such treatments to patients and clients. Commonalities across geographic regions included cooking using spices that lower inflammation, eating a plant-based diet with many fruits and vegetables, maintaining healthy relationships, and managing stress.

HLL consists of seven primary episodes, each highlighting one location Kennedy visited. An eighth bonus episode, produced during the most widespread shelter-in-place orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, taught viewers ways to lower the risk of chronic health conditions like heart disease. Five episodes of HLL were released on Amazon Prime Video in 2020.