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Dendritic Cancer Vaccine - Benefits and Efficiency

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Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Oasis of Hope is a hospital and healthcare facility that treats patients with cancer. Oasis of Hope specializes in multiple cancer therapies and treatments including the dendritic cancer vaccine.

The dendritic cancer vaccine is an immunostimulating therapy. This therapy, instead of killing the cancer directly or immediately, modifies the reaction of the body's immune system to cancer cells. After the immune system is set off and doesn’t fight the cancer cells anymore, doctors work to cause a shock to the system and restore its ability to fight cancer. This can enhance the body's response and fight against cancer.

The dendritic cancer vaccine aims to enable a patient to produce more T-cells and dendritic cells. This is because these cells are some of the most important in the fight against cancer. The first time this treatment was used was for advanced prostate cancer, and studies and trials revealed that it can benefit people and enhance their chance of survival.