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Eliminating Cancer through Diet

Oasis of Hope

Oasis of Hope is an innovation-focused provider of cancer treatment spanning a diversity of traditional and alternative modalities. Physicians at Oasis of Hope have extensive knowledge in areas including natural treatments that emphasize exercise, diet, and the body’s innate capacities to heal itself.

Implementing health-focused lifestyle strategies is vital to slowing the growth of a number of preexisting cancer types. Patients should make positive dietary changes that minimize animal proteins, fats, and sugar, while incorporating abundant vegetables and fruits. At the same time, aerobic exercise should be increased so as to promote the elimination of cancer cells.
Targeted cell signal transduction therapy additionally incorporates a number of nutrients and phytochemicals, including commonly known ones such as green tea extract, milk thistle extract, and fish oil-derived omega-3 fatty acids. Less well-known components included in this regimen include salsalate, disulfiram, diclofenac, and boswellic acids.

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