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The Anti-Tumor Benefits of Oxidation through Autohemotherapy Ozone

Oasis of Hope

Employing an approach pioneered by Dr. Francisco Contreras, Oasis of Hope in Tijuana emphasizes multi-disciplinary strategies in fighting cancer. One distinct modality for which Oasis of Hope is known is oxygen therapy, which involves increasing oxygen concentrations as a way of killing tumors.

There are numerous ways of achieving oxidation in the body, including chemotherapy, radiation, and high dose IV vitamins. One preferred method is Ozone, which can be undertaken in tandem with the other modalities. Ozone Authohemotherapy involves drawing 200 ml of the patient's blood, circulating it through an Ozone generator, and rein fusing it to the patient. It is accompanied by the drug Trental (Pentoxifylline) as well as nutraceuticals.
Undergoing regular Ozone sessions before chemotherapy can elevate the ability of normal tissues to weather the oxidative stress placed on them by chemotherapy. This is just one of many effective therapies available at Oasis of Hope Hospital.

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